Tips in picking the right Hong Kong SEO company!

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Do you have any difficulties in picking the right SEO company in Hong Kong?

There are few things you may take note before picking your SEO company in Hong Kong.

Competition of SEO market in Hong Kong

Compare with US, SEO is not that noticeable in HK and it is not the 1st online promotion strategy to most of Hong Kong Companies.  With the limited time required in getting positive ROI, business in Hong Kong are more focused on SEM and Social Media Promotion (Facebook ads, Facebook Marketing).

Truth to be told, numbers of SEM agencies in Hong Kong are much higher than SEO agencies.  So there is a good chance for business leveraging the search engine, especially Google, to put their business into next level.

Culture Difference

In Hong Kong, although most people speak Cantonese, their searching customs may include English as well.  Sometimes, they will mix both English and Chinese together for queries .

For example, when they are searching Hong Kong company who help people optimizing their website, they may use both ” 香港seo公司” , “SEO香港” .  “香港” is the Chinese of Hong Kong.

When you are doing both SEM and SEO, there are lots of slangs that may not be simply translated from English to Chinese. You may need a local person handling these culture issues.

SEO Targeting

Make sure you are targeting the correct search engine.  Recently we watched the movie SKYSCRAPER by The Rock, and one interesting scenario showing the Police inside the movie use Baidu as the search engine, but in reality, people in Hong Kong use Google only for local search.

Google and Baidu use different algorithms for their rankings, and the skill sets required for optimization are totally different as well.

There are still some people using Yahoo as the search engine since Yahoo dominated Hong Kong market before, and some people still set as their homepage for reading news.  

And at the moment we do think that 1 out of 10 searches is performed in Yahoo.  And our findings show that users of Yahoo are a bit elder than in Google.

SEO Pricing Model in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, most of the SEO companies are on subscription model, usually charging clients in monthly basis.  Depending on project size, keyword difficulties and targeting , monthly rate can be ranging from HKD 8,000 to HKD 30,000.
Based on experience, most Hong Kong SEO companies will provide a timeline for the optimization work.  For the first two months, focus will be put on the technical SEO part while after that it will move to the link building stages.
At the link building stage, beware that some Hong Kong SEO companies may use grey or even black hat link building strategy in order to achieving the SEO goals.  However, this strategy is really dangerous and not recommended, as Google emphasized few time that such strategies may offend results on Google Penalty.
Here you go an independent rankings for Hong Kong SEO companies, you may take reference on their performance.

Guarantee of Google Ranking

There are some companies in Hong Kong who provide money back guarantee for not reaching the pre-set SEO goals.  These goals are like “30% of keywords getting page 1 in 3 months”, sounds good right?
However, when you take a detailed look on it, you will find that those page 1 keywords may not have any search volume each month, and those keywords are not picked by you nor your company.  And the worst case scenario is, you got 4 keywords that are ranking in page 1 but with no traffic from them.  So, be careful of these claims!

Do they really understand your business?

As a SEO consultant for quite a few years, I always find that people are just focusing on ranking, but not on conversion.  Truth to be told, ranking is just part of the online campaign goals, what business needs is conversion (including inquires, sales leads, free trial and so on).
For a campaign with better SEO performance, we suggest you to proactively notice how your business works and what are the ultimate goals.
The above are just simple tips from my observation, feel free to comment or get in touch !