Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Explained – What It Is And How Effective Is It For Marketing A Small Business

SEM marketing

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Growing a small business does not happen overnight. Most of the business owners and entrepreneurs know that. However, in a rapidly evolving digital era, there are many strategies one can adopt and explore to achieve their bottom line.
One of them is search engine marketing (SEM). If you are wondering what is SEM and how can it help your brand, it is basically a technique that allows you to increase your search engine visibility.

What Is SEM And What Makes It So Effective?

Also known as SEM marketing, search engine marketing is a technique in which you are placing your website on the search engine by using certain keywords – promoting your brand or content to increase the search engine visibility.
Paid search basically means “bidding” for a placement before the organic search results – anytime a user looks up a keyword that is relevant to your business. When your brand is at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), you will obviously get better exposure and can pull in more prospects.
SEM is a highly effective marketing channel because of today’s consumers and their ability to rely heavily on search engines when gathering information about a product or service. Aside from increasing your brand awareness for your targeted keywords, SEM can also help generate leads and increase revenue.

The Benefits Of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) For Small Businesses

There are a lot of benefits of SEM, especially when it comes to small businesses struggling to increase their presence on the search engines. Essentially, search engine marketing can help them with the following.

  • Competitive advantage – The first benefit of search engine marketing is the competitive advantage that you could gain by leveraging the top organic results for popular keywords. This way, you can differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd.
  • Instant awareness – If a person sees your website name in the top of the search results, that equals to instant awareness, even if you are just starting out. However, if you continuously show on the top of the SERPs for your relevant keywords, you can also increase brand awareness.
  • Reinforced name recognition – It could take anywhere from 7 to 13 touch points (points of contact) before a prospect converts. You need to reinforce recognition so that customers keep your brand top-of-mind once they have decided to push through with the purchase.
  • Reaching prime targets – Traditional marketing forces you to cast a wider net – but SEM allows you to concentrate on your primary targets. At this level, you can connect in a more meaningful way because the audience is already interested in you.
  • Reaching prime targets – Traditional marketing forces you to cast a wider net – but SEM allows you to concentrate on your primary targets. At this level, you can connect in a more meaningful way because the audience is already interested in you.
  • Quick revenue generation – with the right Google SEM plan to convert your search visibility into paying customers, you can start working on your SEM. You can set up a search ad campaign and go live within minutes. Thanks to quicker ROI, you can expect faster growth and better scalability.
  • No need for excessive spending – Search engine marketing is considered more affordable before you are in control. Even if you are starting with a small budget, you can reach the right audience with strategic keyword bidding – saving money while getting to the right audience.

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How To Leverage Google SEM For Online Success

Now that you know the benefits of SEM, you should also know that the best way to leverage this form of marketing is by choosing professional SEM services.
The main thing you need to remember is that in order for search engine marketing to work, you need to create clear goals. Aside from your presence on the search engines, you need to navigate your audience to the right page, take them to your products/services/newsletter or anything else which is your goal.
You should also know your target audience, their demographics and online habits – which is why proper audience research for Google SEM is a must. From their location to their age and spending, you should consider other similar products or brands that may or may not be available in their location.
Once you do this, you need to start working on your keyword research and identify the best keywords to show up in relevant search results. Ideally, you should go for those that have lower CPCs but still indicate buying intent.
The good thing is that you can rely on Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Bing Ads, Yahoo! Gemini and other platforms – as well as choose professional SEM services for small businesses that can help you in the long run.

Final Words

In the end, there is no doubt that SEM marketing is an effective way to get closer with your target audience almost instantly – and create irresistible offers for them.
You can expect to get increased conversions, more users, and ultimately – more action on your website.
Our tip is to focus on long tail keywords, optimize your website for mobile devices, create irresistible offers and target your customers who are ready to buy. You can explore and play with your strategy, starting small and using tools to research for the best keywords in your niche or industry.
If you are new to the concept of search engine marketing, our SEM services the basics and help you save money and time – all while getting you the best bang for your buck and focusing on building meaningful relationships with your target audience.
For more information about our SEM services and how it can help your business, contact us today!