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不知道大家有否聽過KIVA這個機構,小弟從2016年起都會定期放數 (你冇聽錯,係「放數」)或可以叫做天使投資者,專門放數予貧困國家的創業者,當然是零利息。不要以為窮人或落後地方的沒有能力還款,其實他們還款率達 97%。



故當我閱畢 <<貧窮、金錢、愛>>後,十分認同其始創人的理念,立刻行動! 以下是始創人在Ted的演講﹕




Jackline is 35 years old, she is married with 3 children. She has had a retail business where

she sells cleaning detergents, and has done this for 10 years earning kes 10,000 per month.

This marks her fifth borrowing after successfully repaying her previous loans.She will be using the loan to purchase chemicals and perfume for making cleaning detergents.

With the anticipated profits, she Jackline will be able to save for her daughter’s high school education as well as repay her loan.Her hopes and dreams for the future are to be a happy


Rodrigo Carlos

Rodrigo continues to study audio visual communication and to work in his business selling salteñas, tucumanas and rellenos. He used the previous loan to buy educational material such as books and to pay for photocopies. He made his payments on time because he was able to work and go to school without any trouble.

He has finished his education and is going through the graduation procedure. “I finally finished and I am anxious to start work in my industry…” he says.

The advantage of his studies is that he has finished and the disadvantage is the administrative bureacracy of graduating. His dream is to work in his industry. He wants to pay the graduation administrative fees. This is his fourth loan through the institution in the four years he has been studying and working.

These are the reasons that Rodrigo is asking for a loan to pay graduation administrative fees and to work in his industry.



Mujeres Virtuosas Group

Gloria is the single mother of two children, ages 26 and 16. She has a tire business where she also sells spare parts and more. She lives with her children and her mother who encourages her very much. She also sells frozen treats, shoes, and wine. Her main customers are car and inter-provincial truck owners.

She serves 10-15 customers a day, who patronize her business because of the good work she does. She will use the money from this loan to buy washers, tires, and more. This will allow her to stock her business and provide better customer service. She is grateful to the Kiva lenders for their support.


Maguette’s Group’s story

This group of 23 members belongs to the banc villageois created in May 2010 and composed of female microentrepreneurs who have a spirit of solidarity. They work as vendors as well as raising livestock.

Maguette, the one standing on the right raising her hand in the photo, is the star borrower. She is 34 years old, married, and has six children, including two boys. Maguette sells cereals.

With her new loan, Maguette plans to buy 100 kg [220 lbs] of peanut seeds for the upcoming rainy season agricultural cycle. She will plant all 100 kg hoping to harvest produce in four to five months. Her revenues will be used for everyday family needs and the well-being of her children.



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